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Graphic Guidelines below DO NOT apply to the new mobile responsive templates. We will have instructions for those listed soon, if you need help in the meantime please contact us for assistance customizing your mobile responsive templates.

Please use the following graphic guidelines when adding your graphics and websets to your site.
If you or your designer have any questions please contact us.

Please note our graphic guidelines are only for our old version built in blank template layouts and not custom designs and custom templates by you or any of the graphics designers on our designers page.

These graphic guidelines are NOT for the new mobile responsive templates, those will be posted at a later date. If your store admin version found at the bottom of the store admin page is 2.55, 2.72,2.83 the guidelines below are for you. If you have 2.84m, 2.9,2.91,2.92 the guidelines below ARE NOT for you.

If you cannot use .gif images just let me know and I will change your guidelines to .jpg

Home Page Button


File Name Must Be homebtn.gif for older clients with our newer sign ups you can use .jpg extensions and name it whatever you want.

This Button can be up to 155 pixels wide.

All Other Buttons


File Name Can Be Anything You like but they must be lowercase letters and in .gif  or .jpg format (example: candles.gif or aboutus.jpg or viewcart.gif etc..) All Buttons can be up to 155 pixels wide.

Website Topper


Standard Website Topper size must be 800 pixels wide by 100 pixels height. (800x100) 

Topper MUST be named pagetopper.gif

You may have a topper custom designed in the following sizes but you will need to contact us so we can adjust your template accordingy. Your topper must be 800 pixels wide but can be any height from 50-200 (example 800x50 800x 75 or 800x100 or 800x150 or 800x200 etc..



Logo must be named logo.gif and should not be any wider then 450 pixels.

Page Background


This is the background on the very back of your website pages.

This background must be named pagebg.gif

Side Background


This is the background area on the side of your website where your buttons and navagation area are displayed.

This background must be named sidebg.gif

Center Background


This background is the center of your website where your text and products are displayed.

This background must be named centerbg.gif



There are not any size requirements for the backgrounds (smaller is better for faster loading times)  but they must be named accordingly.


There is a guide listed above in case you are not clear about the background requirements.