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You must link back to Designer 218 on your list of compatible website hosts. If you would like to use one of our banners you can save the image below to your computer.


You are requird to use the copyright include or state Powered By Designer 218 with a link back to our site at the bottom of each template you install for our clients. You agree that if the copyright notice is left off Designer 218 has the right to add it in your template file on our clients website.

You cannot be a competing website host and you cannot state a preference for any one host over the other on your website. If your website is found to be offering hosting of your own your banner will be removed from our website.

You will be responsible for customer support regarding any template issues or changes to the template. We do not provide support for any issues with your coding or any errors in your templates. Testing in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and mobile devices is recommended.

If you agree to the above then send us your banner or banner code, website url and we will get you added to our website on the designers page. You can email us your information to designer218 @ (no spaces)

If you have any questions please contact us.