How do I add products to my website?

Click on "Products" on the left hand side of your
store admin
1).Click on "Add" for new or "Edit" for existing products
2).Enter the Name of your product
3).Enter the description of your product
4).Enter Keywords for your website
5).Enter a Meta Title (shows on top of your browser bar)
6).Add Small Product Image (thumbnail)
7).Add Large Product Image (for popup preview)
8).Enter a catalog # (optional)
9).Enter the number of units (optional)
10).Enter Price
11).Enter Sale Price (optional)
12).Select a Category to put your product under
13).Click on "Continue"
If you would like to give your customer options like
colors or size or scents: Enter the name of the option
1).Select a type: text box, drop down, radio button
2).Click on "Attributes Wizard"
3).Enter Your Attribute Name and Addtional Cost, if any
4).Click "Continue"
Select related items if desired
1),Enter in Quantity if keeping inventory
2).Click "Continue"

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