Adding Graphics

Here is a link to our graphic guidelines page.

 To upload your website graphics do the following:

For your topper, side background, page background and middle background go to images in your store admin and click on Show Images for Image List and then click the bowse button to locate the graphics on your computer and upload them.

As long as your images are named correctly they will automatically go into place once you upload them.

To upload your buttons to the side bar. This is going to be the Nav Image for each category and page. Just upload your button on the browse line next to Nav Image and it will add your button to your site.

To upload your View Cart Button, Logo, Sale Items, New Items etc. Buttons click on images in your store admin and view images under Catalog Set up and upload your button on the correct line.


If you have any problems or questions when installing your graphics or websets please contact support. 

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