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Add Tax ID Field to the Wholesale Form
Select this option if you would like us to add a tax ID field to your wholesale sign up form. Some like this option and others do not require tax id's but if you need tax ID numbers as part of your wholesale terms this one is for you!
$5.00 USD One Time

Full Website Setup
Don't have time to set up your site yourself? Choose this option if you would like us to set up your website for you. Set-up will include installation of your webset graphics, personal pages, categories, products and product photos! All you have to do is set up your payment options you accept and shipping charges and let us do the rest! Once you purchase this option we will contact you for all of the details of your website set up. If you have any questions about what is set up and what is not please contact us before purchase.
*Setup of products includes up to 150 products. It includes initial products only, not future products added to your site for the life of your site. If you have additional products or more then 150 contact us for a quote.
$200.00 USD One Time

Google Sitemap Creation
With this option we will create a google sitemap that allows google to crawl your site more often optimizes it so that it is more google friendly. This is optional as our sitebuilder is search engine friendly as it is but this gives you that extra edge to get your sites pages crawled more often to increase the chances of your site getting more hits. We will create the site map and install it on your site and send you a link to submit to google. Its free to submit it to google once you have created the sitemap file. We will also send you the link to where you need to submit it. You will need to create a free google webmaster tools account to submit your sitemap file to.
We will also submit your site to google and get it verified.
$10.00 USD One Time

Graphic Webset Installation
Choose this option if you would like us to install your webset graphics onto your website for you. Installation includes your 3 background images, web topper, logo, all catgegory and custom page button images. If you have any questions about webset installation please contact us.
$10.00 USD One Time

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